Data Visualization With Tableau

Learn the most powerful data visualization tool by solving the real world analytics problem. Learn data visualization and data mining by doing

What Will I Learn?

  • Create Barcharts
  • Create Area Charts
  • Create Maps
  • Create Scatterplots
  • Create Piecharts
  • Create Treemaps
  • Create Interactive Dashboards
  • Create Storylines
  • Understand Types of Joins and how they work
  • Work with Data Blending in Tableau
  • Create Table Calculations
  • Work with Parameters
  • Create Dual Axis Charts
  • Create Calculated Fields
  • Create Calculated Fields
  • Create Calculated Fields in a Blend
  • Export Results from Tableau into Powerpoint, Word, and other software
  • Work with Timeseries Data using two methods
  • Creating Data Extracts in Tableau
  • Understand Aggregation, Granularity, and Level of Detail
  • Adding Filters and Quick Filters
  • Create Data Hierarchies
  • Adding Actions to Dashboards
  • Assigning Geographical Roles to Data Elements
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  • Basic knowledge of computers


"Tableau is a powerful and faster growing data visualization tool used in business intelligence industry. It helps in simplifying raw data into the very easily understandable format
Data analysis is very fast with tableau and the visualization are created in the form of dashboards and worksheets
The great thing about tableau software is that it doesn’t require any technical or any kind of programming skill to operate
This course begins with Tableau basics. You will navigate the software, connect it to a data file, and export a worksheet, so even beginners will feel completely at ease.
To be able to find trends in your data and make accurate forecasts, you'll learn how to work with data extracts and time series.
Also, to make data easier to digest, you'll tackle how to use aggregations to summarize information. You will also use granularity to ensure accurate calculations.
In order to begin visualizing data, you'll cover how to create various charts, maps, scatterplots, and interactive dashboards for each of your projects.
You'll even learn when it's best to join or blend data in order to work with and present information from multiple sources.
Finally, you'll cover the latest and most advanced features of data preparation in Tableau 10, where you will create table calculations, tree map charts, and storylines.
By the time you complete this course, you'll be a highly proficient Tableau user. You will be using your skills as a data scientist to extract knowledge from data so you can analyze and visualize complex questions with ease.
You'll be fully prepared to collect, examine, and present data for any purpose, whether you're working with scientific data or you want to make forecasts about buying trends to increase profits. "