The State of AI in 2019

When we actually talks about the evolution of machine or think about the revolution of AI, our mind automatically creates an image of self transforming cars like from the movie Transformers, machines in the sky flying from one place to another like in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron and so on. At the moment we may have accepted and adopted the arrival of the advanced technology in our daily life but also at a certain point we failed to understand what today’s AI is really about! Well a researcher from Carnegie Mellon University stated that ‘Current state of AI has little to do with Hollywood’s ideas; the current applications of AI revolve entirely around machine learning! And the most advanced applications from natural language generation to facial recognition are driven purely by pattern matching.’ 


Although the potentials of AI yet to be scooped out, yet we have some percentage of explored fields, and one of them along with Machine Learning is 'Deep Learning'. It is being predicted that Deep Learning will be a significant tool kit for Scientist that will let them to foresee the developing future and scopes. Today, many tech giants like Google, Netflix, Amazon and even researchers at MIT uses deep learning to predict future, that is, it assists them to figure out what their customers/audience preferences and interests. Where is cutting edge and uses neural networks to echo the human decision-making, there Deep learning goes much more deep, that is, with its advanced data feeding system, it can mimic humans' thought and intelligence. Well, it is only a glimpse of the power of Artificial Intelligence when combined with data science; there is much more to come! But it won’t be anything like our Hollywood movies, the evolving technical reality will be different than our imagination. 


In the current scenario, AI technologies are not just being used in retail but also in everyday life. Like we can say for example in Retails, AI assists in inventory management, facial recognition, speech recognition, decision management, customer management, work management, and so on. While in daily life we primarily use AI technology with Google’s AI-Powered predictions like Google Maps, Alexa and applications like Uber and even in items like toothbrush (Oral-B Genius X Electric Toothbrushes). And in technology we can quote examples like self driving cars and one of the early uses of AI technology is AI Autopilot. Even after mastering the basics of artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks, yet today developers are struggling to figure out the true potential of Machine Learning and Deep Learning; in other words, 'the potentials of Artificial Intelligence seems boundless'. Even the scientist described the design of neural network architectures as more art than science! Deep Learning may be an application of AI yet it has more powerful potentials to unleash, or we can even say that the power of Deep Learning with Neural Networks and GPUs are driving powerful new opportunities for AI. 


Today AI technologies are coming into mainstream business usage and with that we can say the biggest opportunities of this digitally revolutionizing world is undoubtedly in Artificial Intelligence.